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Peng Joon is a promising name in the world of internet marketing. The young man from Malaysia managed to climb the ladder of online business very rapidly. His latest product managed to hit the Clickbank’s #1 after few days of its launch. So, let’s find out more about this man.

Peng Joon’s Bio:

 Peng JoonPeng Joon is a young entrepreneur from Malaysia who started his online journey in 2004. Actually he didn’t start in the IM niche but instead he invaded the gaming niche with his first ever product which was a guide for the World of Warcraft.

He made a fortune in the gaming niche either alone or in partnership with Tony “T-Dub” Sanders. His guides are very famous on Clickbank’s marketplace to the degree that he was on the list of top vendors in CB for many successive years. He is still creating guides for gamers and his latest on was in Diablo 3.

After his success in the gaming niche, he decided to join the world of Internet marketing. He has created some successful products in partnership with other marketers and today he has founded the Smooble Inc. in Malaysia. This business has transformed Peng Joon from a failure student with a big debt into an Internet millionaire.

Peng Joon’s Product Portfolio:

 Keyword Everywhere:

This is a software developed in partnership with Matt Ng. It is a keyword research tool dedicated to Geo marketing. The software generates keyword ideas based on local settings.

 GPlus Ownage:

This is a course dedicated to Google Plus. You can read a full review on this course on this site at GPlus Ownage Review.

 Work From No Home:

This is the lastest product by Peng Joon that was released earlier this August and managed to reach #1 in Clickbank Marketplace. This system is an excellent course that can really helped you make money. It focuses on creating websites based on new hot launches then using SEO efforts to generate free organic traffic from search engines. The SEO part of this course is great and it really works after Penguin. The course covers all details you need to know like finding hot products yet to launch, creating a website and ranking these websites. If you need a complete guide for this kind of business then I highly recommend the Work From No Home system.

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